Have you ever noticed a mysterious “WUVISAAFT” charge on your bank statement and wondered what it means? You’re not alone. Many people find this acronym puzzling, but understanding it is crucial for managing your finances and ensuring your account’s security.

WUVISAAFT stands for Western Union Visa Automated Funds Transfer. It signifies a transaction involving Western Union’s services facilitated by the VISA network. This charge often appears when you send or receive money through Western Union using a VISA card, or even make purchases and withdrawals in certain contexts. Knowing what this charge represents helps you track your expenses and spot any unauthorized transactions promptly.


WUVISAAFT stands for Western Union Visa Automated Funds Transfer. This charge appears on your bank statement when you conduct a transaction through Western Union using a Visa card. It represents the fee Western Union charges for processing these transactions.

Why Is the WUVISAAFT Charge on Your Bank Statement?

The WUVISAAFT charge shows up on your bank statement because you made a transaction through Western Union using a Visa card. This could be for sending or receiving money, making an online purchase, or withdrawing cash from an ATM linked to Western Union.

Is WUVISAAFT Charge Scam or Fraudulent?

The WUVISAAFT charge is not a scam or fraudulent. It’s a legitimate fee associated with transactions made via Western Union using a Visa card. If you see this charge and didn’t authorize it, you should contact your bank immediately to investigate.

Decoding the Charge Code: WUVISAAFT

Decoding the Charge Code: WUVISAAFT

WUVISAAFT is broken down as follows:

WU: Western Union

VISA: Indicates the use of a Visa card

AFT: Automated Funds Transfer

This code helps identify the nature of the transaction on your bank statement.

What Should You Do When Seeing a WUVISAAFT Charge in Your Bank Statement?

When you see a WUVISAAFT charge on your statement, review your recent transactions to confirm its legitimacy. If you recognize the transaction, there’s nothing to worry about. If you don’t, contact your bank immediately to report and dispute the charge.

How to Protect Against Wrong WUVISAAFT Bank Charges?

To protect against incorrect WUVISAAFT charges, regularly monitor your bank statements. Set up transaction alerts to catch any unusual activity quickly. Always double-check your transaction details before completing them, and use secure payment methods.

Why Does Western Union Charge This Fee?

Western Union charges this fee to cover the costs of processing transactions and maintaining their global money transfer network. The fee also helps manage expenses related to currency exchange and fund transfers.

Is the WUVISAAFT Charge the Same for All Transactions?

Is the WUVISAAFT Charge the Same for All Transactions?

No, the WUVISAAFT charge is not the same for all transactions. It varies based on factors like the transaction amount, the destination country, and the type of service used. The fee typically ranges from $0.50 to $10.

Can I Avoid the WUVISAAFT Charge?

Avoiding the WUVISAAFT charge can be challenging if you’re using Western Union with a Visa card. However, you might avoid it by using other payment methods such as bank transfers or cash transactions.

Is the WUVISAAFT Charge Refundable?

Generally, the WUVISAAFT charge is not refundable. However, if there’s an error or an unauthorized charge, you should contact Western Union or your bank to resolve the issue and potentially get a refund.

Is Western Union the Only Money Transfer Service That Charges This Fee?

Western Union is not the only service that charges a fee for Visa card transactions. Other money transfer services may have similar fees for using their platforms with a Visa card.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Recognize the WUVISAAFT Charge on My Bank Statement?

If you don’t recognize the WUVISAAFT charge on your bank statement, immediately review your recent transactions. Contact your bank for details about the charge and report it if it appears unauthorized. Your bank can help dispute the charge and secure your account.

Why Does the “WUVISAAFT” Charge Appear on My Bank Statement?

The “WUVISAAFT” charge appears on your bank statement because you conducted a transaction through Western Union using a Visa card. It reflects the fee for using their services, ensuring your money transfer or payment was processed successfully.

What Do Square Charges Fees Mean on Bank Statements?

Square charges fees refer to the processing fees Square, Inc. imposes when you use their payment processing services. These fees appear on your bank statement when you use Square to accept payments, whether through a point-of-sale system, online, or via mobile devices.

Square charges a small percentage of each transaction plus a fixed amount. For example, Square may charge 2.6% + 10 cents per transaction for in-person payments and 2.9% + 30 cents for online transactions. These fees cover the cost of processing the payment and ensure secure transactions.

How to Avoid “WUVISAAFT” Bank Charges

One way to avoid WUVISAAFT charges is to conduct your transactions directly through your bank. Banks often offer international money transfers and other services without the additional fees associated with third-party providers like Western Union. By using your bank’s services, you might save on these extra charges.

Regularly Review Charges

Regularly reviewing your bank statements is crucial to avoid unnecessary fees. Check each transaction and ensure you recognize all charges, including any labeled WUVISAAFT. If you spot unfamiliar fees, contact your bank immediately to clarify or dispute them. Staying vigilant helps you catch and address any unwarranted charges promptly.

Set Up Alerts

Setting up alerts for your bank account can help you avoid unwanted fees. Most banks offer alert services that notify you of transactions, including any charges that might appear. By receiving real-time notifications, you can quickly identify and act on any suspicious or unnecessary fees, such as those from WUVISAAFT.

Minimize Unnecessary Transactions

Minimizing unnecessary transactions can help reduce the likelihood of incurring WUVISAAFT charges. Before making any payment or money transfer, consider if it’s essential or if there’s a fee-free alternative. Planning your transactions and using services with lower fees can significantly cut down on extra charges.


The WUVISAAFT charge on your bank statement can be perplexing, but it generally signifies a transaction facilitated by Western Union through VISA’s Automated Funds Transfer system. This charge can appear for various reasons, such as international money transfers, receiving funds, online purchases, or ATM withdrawals associated with Western Union services.

By understanding this charge, you can better manage your finances and ensure that all transactions on your statement are legitimate. If you encounter a WUVISAAFT charge you don’t recognize, promptly review your recent transactions, contact your bank for clarification, or reach out to Western Union. Staying informed and vigilant about your bank statement charges helps maintain your financial security and avoid unnecessary fees.

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